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Glass tile is not just a popular choice for kitchen and bathroom designs. In fact, it has become very popular in the living room, as well. There are many different tiles from several different brands coming in various shapes, styles and finish. They also have a great selection and many beautiful angel wing glass tiles that are very difficult to locate online.


If you decide to use glass tiles, you will need to choose a Glass tile supplier who will be able to provide all of your needs. Glass tile suppliers will carry all of the major brands, and most will be available at one place. You can usually find a Glass tile supplier at one of your local home supply stores, or one of the large chain warehouse clubs. There are also a lot of specialty tile stores, such as tile stores, that will have nothing but glass mosaic tiles.


Glass tile will make a beautiful floor, and it will also make a beautiful backsplash. There are several ways that you can use Glass tile in your home. The first way to use Glass tile is simply to create a background for your other tiles. Using Glass tile on your floor will give a beautiful contrast to any color that you may have in your other tiles. Also, if you want to make a special focal point in a room, you can use Glass tile along with special lighting to highlight a certain item or a favorite picture.


There are several ways that you can use Glass tile in your home, but here are some ideas that come to mind. One of the things that you might use Glass tile in is a Glass Poolside Table. If you are like me, your swimming pools are sometimes not what they used to be. So, if you have a Glass Poolside Table, then you know that you can have fun in the pool without having to worry about your legs getting soaked.


Another thing that you might want to do is create a "Shuffle" Table with Glass tiles. You take a standard square glass tile, and you cut it in half. Then you place one half on the bottom of your table, and you place the other half on top of the first one. Now, you have two equal sides, and you have made a sort of "shuffle" pattern in the middle of your table. This is an easy way to change the look of your table by simply changing the shape of the tiles.


Glass tile is so versatile that you can do practically anything that you would like to in your swimming pool. The above ideas just barely scratch the surface. But these are some of the most popular applications for Glass tiles in your swimming pool. So, what are you waiting for? Try some Glass today!


Glass tile has been one of the most popular forms of decorative finishes, yet it's still quite advanced, highly durable, sustainable, and environmentally friendly today. As with any building material used for interiors, however, certain issues can crop up in using commercial glass tile, whether larger-format or mosaic tiles. One issue is proper cleaning. As with many other types of materials, certain cleaning products can react badly with certain types of glass. Therefore, it's important that you follow guidelines from your glass tile manufacturer to avoid potential damage to your floor or fixtures.


Before cleaning your Glass Tile, you should conduct a Google search on the material to determine what other people say about its cleaning properties. If you find information to the contrary, perhaps you should reconsider using glass tile. Glass tiles that are colored are particularly difficult to clean, as the coloring is difficult to remove, making spot-on transfers difficult, if not impossible. If your mosaics are faded, it may be because of improper cleaning methods or a lack of diligence on your part. If your tiles look better after they have been treated, contact your glass tile manufacturer to learn more information.


To clean your Mosaic Tiles, contact your glass tile manufacturer before beginning work to see what type of products are recommended. Often times, glass tiles will come already cleansed, but you might want to clean them prior to installation. Simply pour hot water over the tiles and let it sit for up to an hour. Afterward, you can wash them with soap and hot water, as long as the cleanser isn't abrasive (as with cold water).


While cleaning glass tiles is generally easy, ceramic pieces pose slightly different cleaning issues. Since ceramic is somewhat porous, it is much harder to clean without using aggressive chemicals. For this reason, many mosaic installers opt for the use of diluted glass tile cleaner. Diluted glass tile cleaner is often found in hardware stores, and while it won't actually "clean" the ceramic as a whole, it will help to make glass tile products work easier and give the installer a better working surface.


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