Glass Mosaic Tiles

A Guide to Picking Glass Mosaic Tile

Mosaic tiles have the facility to rework a clear surface into an inventive masterpiece popping boldly and elegance . Whether it’s your kitchen or bathroom affected by a blah look, mosaic tile is strictly what you would like to up your décor. From bright and splashy colors to simple minimalist tiles, there are numerous options available in stores and online.

Types of Glass Mosaic Tiles

Mosaic glass tile comes in several variations and designs . Below we list the foremost common ones, but you'll also inspect our home remodeling ideas page. Your choice should be influenced by your preferred décor style, your existing décor and your budget. a number of the glass tiles mentioned below, like van Gogh , tend to be quite pricey.

1. Recycled Glass Tile
As the name suggests, this sort of tile is formed from recycled glass. Basically, discarded and broken glass is employed to return up with various tile designs. Sometimes, the recycled glass are often mixed with other materials like broken ceramics for a good more unique look.

Recycled glass tiles are popular for his or her eco friendliness. rather than discard glass objects, they will be taken to a factory to be molded into beautiful mosaic tiles.

2. Glass Tile

Stained glass is like those beautiful glass artworks in churches. you'll get an equivalent look in your home using stained mosaic glass tile. The staining is completed by adding a dye during the glass formation process.

Depending on the colour of dye added, you'll get various stain designs. Most mosaic tiles contains many various stain colors, leading to a bold, yet quaint look. due to how good they appear , glass mosaic tiles are often wont to decorate a whole wall, creating a gorgeous focus for the space . The effect is just breathtaking.

3. Tumbled Glass Tiles

Tumbled glass tiles are usually made up of recycled glass, meaning there's a danger of sharp edges hurting you as you put in them. Tumbling the glass removes all the sharp edges, making it safer to handle the glass tiles when cutting and installing them.

4. Translucent Glass Mosaic Tile

These sorts of tiles find their biggest use within the bathroom, where they're wont to enclose a shower area. The translucent nature provides adequate privacy while adding a pleasant style to the toilet . Translucent glass mosaic tiles also can be used as a backsplash within the kitchen, a semi-private window during a spa bathroom or as a wall element.

5. Van Gogh Glass Tile

This is a singular sort of mosaic glass tile that nearly resembled glass tile. The glass is painted on the rear with a metallic pigment, which comes call at a fern-like style on the front of the glass. to form the glass completely opaque, black paint is applied at the rear over the metallic pigment. this provides the glass tile depth like that of a mirror. A mosaic tile consists of smaller pieces of glass with different metallic pigments painted thereon to supply a shocking overall effect. The effect is even more dramatic when combined with certain sorts of lighting.


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