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We've got some good news for you...


Ralart have release a new series of dot mounted mosaic this month, and they sale not too bad in South America market and European market.


Below is the information of MOSAIC WITHOUT BACK MESH your reference.

1.Color and Size:Nearly all of our mosaics can be done.

2.Feature:The mounting format is better installation, safety and durability in swimming pool.

3.Price:Depend on the materials you choose.

4.Packing:Cartons with wood pallets. 

5.Excellent Design

The mesh cloth used for mesh mounted mosaic is relatively soft, it is easy to deform during construction, and the uniform gap cannot be guaranteed. However, the special adhesive for dot mounted mosaic used to mosaics has good strength after curing, excellent shapeability, and is not easily deformed during paving, which can ensure uniform gaps between small mosaics.


6.Firmly Connection

After the adhesive used for dispensing mosaic is baked and formed at high temperature, the adhesiveness is far better than the white latex used for mesh paste mosaic, which can ensure that it will not fall off.


7.Water Resistance and Long Storage

The water resistance of the paper mosaic is extremely poor, and it will seriously fall off if it is placed in a high humidity environment for a week. The mesh mounted mosaic has improved, but it still cannot be stored for a long time in a high humidity environment. Dot mounted mosaics can be placed for 480 hours in a harsh environment of 40 degree centigrade and 96% humidity without falling off.


Any comment is warm welcome.
Sincerely hope that we expand the depth and breadth of cooperation, OEM&ODM both ok.

Awaiting for your response.  

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