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If you're looking to make a statement in a tile backsplash design, consider Stainless Steel Mosaic. Whether you seek a contemporary look, prefer to be understated, or maybe want to create a classic practical vibe, you are sure to find a tile that suits you.

For that reason, we've put together this guide to selecting and caring for your Copper Mosaic.

How To Select Metal Mosaics

When it comes to selecting metal mosaics, you have many options as metal mosaics come in single type of metal sheets, mixed with stone and glass, as well as in interesting shapes.

Types of Metal Mosaics

In terms of the types of metal available in mosaic tile, here are the ones you will find:

Stainless steel




Gun metal


And that's just the tip of the Aluminum Mosaic iceberg! You have a multitude of other options to choose from. Do explore:

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How To Care for Metal Tile

If you plan on designing with Aluminum Composite Panel Mosaic, it's important to know how to care for it.

After all, metal tiles add a visually striking accent to any design. With proper care and maintenance you can ensure your tiles will impress audiences for years to come.

Please note that the type of care and maintenance will depend on the type of metal wall tile you choose, and the effect you desire.

For example, the patina of copper tile will change depending on exposure to air and moisture unless you seal it. Iron tile will rust unless it’s regularly cared for.

Here are the three steps we recommend.

Step 1: Sealing Your Tile

Only two types of wall tile need to be sealed: iron tiles and copper tiles.

Sealing helps protect the original finish and stops oxidization that will otherwise happen over time as the surface interacts with moisture in the air.

Step 2: Cleaning The Tile

Most metal tiles can be cleaned with warm water and dishwashing detergent.

Step 3: Removing Stains

Metal tile placed near water may develop stains from hard water deposits.

To remove these stains, simply make a paste, using either baking soda and water, or borax and water.

Apply to the entire surface with a cloth (not a brush) then rinse off using warm water and a clean, dry cloth. Repeat if necessary.

Metal Mosaics

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