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Marble Mosaic Tiles

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Ralart marble mosaic tiles are made of natural stone through a special process without adding any chemical dyes. The authentic marble mosaic tiles well retain the peculiar primitive color of the stone itself. This kind of natural marble mosaic tiles puts people in the space constructed by unpretentious colors and excellent natural texture, which will naturally make people forget the glitz and noise in reality. People can appreciate the truth and simplicity in the space.

Application of mosaic tiles

Due to its small size, marble mosaic tiles can be used as puzzles to produce a gradual effect. Marble mosaic tiles are mainly used for wall and floor decoration. Due to the small unit area of a single mosaic, a wide variety of colors, and endless combinations, it can express the designer's style and design inspiration to the fullest, showing its unique artistic charm and personality. It is widely used in hotels, hotels, bars, stations, swimming pools, entertainment venues, home walls and floors, art parquets, etc.

Characteristic of mosaic tiles

1. The cost price is relatively cheap;

2. The radioactivity is very small (even smaller than glass, ceramic tiles, etc.), and the use safety performance is high;

3. Its material characteristics make it easy to process.

In addition: Beige and white marbles have lower hardness and are easy to cut. However, blue, green and other series of marbles have higher hardness due to metal elements, so they are rare and expensive. However, the materials of white marble, rosin yellow, hibiscus red, and domestic large flower green are not dense, and are fragile during cutting, and the degree of loss is large.

Refers to basically using small particles of 15mm size (mainly depending on the size and structure of the pattern, if the pattern area is large, it may be enlarged according to customer needs), and various continuous patterns are assembled in a seamless close arrangement A mosaic product with a more natural transition of overall effect. This kind of mosaic tiles is currently popular in overseas markets.

Structural characteristics of small mosaic tiles

1. Seamless and tightly structured;

2. The pattern can have a wide range of changes, which can be very close to the pattern of glossy parquet;

3. The mosaics are all smaller sizes, which can be processed with the same difficulty and complex effect;

4. There are different color differences between small mosaics;

5. It is necessary to do more processing on the jointing during decoration.

The main purpose of small size mosaic

Small size mosaic tiles are suitable for the decoration of floors, walls and various flat surfaces. Others are suitable for wall, floor and other flat effect partitions or edges that require interface distinction, and have the advantage of flexible adjustment and reorganization. However, small mosaic tiles are more suitable for the overall mosaic decoration effect of the wall; if used properly, the final effect will greatly exceed the glossy mosaic.

Complexity assessment of small mosaic tiles

1. The more types of materials that make up the pattern, the more complicated it becomes;

2. The size of the unit specifications required to form the pattern, the more the specifications, the more complicated; the more sharp corners, the more complicated it is due to the increase in the amount of polishing;

3. The complexity of the composition pattern itself, the more complex the pattern, the more complicated.

Precautions for purchase

When purchasing, pay attention to whether the small mosaic tiles have the same specifications and equal sizes, and whether the edges of each small mosaic tile are neat. Placing a single mosaic tile on a horizontal surface to check whether it is flat and whether there is too thick latex on the back of the single mosaic.

Rigorous technology

The first step is to touch the glaze surface, you can feel its slip resistance; then look at the thickness, the thickness determines the density, the high density will be low water absorption; the last step is to check the texture, if the middle of the inner layer is glazed it is usually high quality mosaics.

Low water absorption

This is the element to ensure the durability of the mosaic tiles, so the water absorption rate must be tested. Put water droplets on the back of the mosaic. If the water droplets spill out, the quality of the front product is good. If it penetrates down, the product quality is poor.

Maintenance method of mosaic tiles

1) The floor of mosaic tiles should prevent heavy objects from falling to the ground.

2) General detergents can be used for cleaning and maintenance, such as decontamination powder, washing powder, etc.; heavy dirt can also be washed with toilet cleaner.

3) If the mosaic tiles fall off or are missing, they can be patched with mosaic tiles of the same type.

The binder formula is: 1 part of cement, 1 part of fine sand, 0.02-0.03 parts of 107 glue or 1 part of cement, 0.05 parts of 107 glue, and 0.26 parts of water. 107 glue generally accounts for 0.2%-0.4% of cement. The bonding agent after adding 107 glue is stronger than water and cement bonding, and the initial setting time is longer, and it can be used continuously for 2-3 hours. This is convenient to use. If there is a small amount of missing blocks, white latex can also be mixed with 3 times clear water, and a little cement can be added.

4) In the winter in the north, the floors of ceramic tiles and mosaics should be protected from freezing.


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