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Selection method and attention to mosaic tiles

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With everyone's higher and higher aesthetic requirements for home decoration, mosaic tile is also welcomed by many people. So what are the mosaic tile manufacturers, and how should mosaic tiles be purchased? What are the precautions for purchasing mosaic tiles?

Here is the content list:

  • How to buy mosaic tiles?

  • What are the precautions for mosaic tile purchase?

How to buy mosaic tiles?

First, mosaic tiles should be neat in size. When purchasing, it should be noted that the particles should be of the same specification and size, and the edges of each small particle should be neat. When a single mosaic tile is placed on level ground, it looks relatively flat, and the back of a single mosaic tile should be a thick latex layer. Second, the craftsmanship is rigorous. The first is to touch the glazed surface, you can feel its slip resistance; then look at the thickness, the thickness determines the density, and the high density will have low water absorption; also look at the texture, the glaze in the middle of the inner layer is usually a mosaic tile of good quality. Third, the degree of color matching. 

For general decorative glass mosaic tile, its decoration should account for more than 20% of the total area, and the distribution should be uniform. Generally, you can tile several mosaic tiles in a well-lit place to visually check whether the gloss is uniform. Fourth, the water absorption rate is low. This is an element to ensure the durability of the Characteristics Of Mosaic Tiles, so it is necessary to check its water absorption rate and drop the water on the back of the mosaic tile. Fifth, the toughness and strength of the backing paper. Qualified backing paper will not be damaged in the process of handling and normal construction, such as tearing, cracking, and missing edges and corners, and its toughness and strength are relatively good.

Mosaic Tiles

What are the precautions for mosaic tile purchase?

The first is the surface. Why is mosaic tile popular? Mainly because mosaic tile has a good decoration effect, which can make the overall home decoration look more colorful and dazzling. When purchasing, pay attention to whether the glaze quality of the mosaic tile surface is reliable and pay attention to the uniformity and gloss of the surface glaze. Second, color. Mosaic tiles are popular because of their rich surface patterns and textures. Therefore, when purchasing mosaic tiles, we need to pay attention to superficial judgments. Third, product size. When purchasing mosaic tiles, we mainly pay attention to the size of the product. 

For good quality products, the size is just right, the error is small, and the edges are relatively neat, and there is no abrupt situation, which is also a direct factor for effectively judging the quality of the product. Third, product hardness. For decoration, everyone likes high-quality products, and the good decoration effect of the products is naturally guaranteed. Therefore, when purchasing mosaic tiles, we need to pay attention to the hardness of the product. Generally speaking, if the product has good hardness and good toughness, the product will naturally be better, and it will not be easily broken, so it is more convenient to install and use. Fifth, pay attention to slip resistance. Mosaic tile manufacturer is relatively common in our floor decoration, and the floor will inevitably be contaminated with water, so the slip resistance of the product is also very important when purchasing mosaic tiles.

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