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Swimming pool tile ceramic mosaic uses and options

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In ancient Greece and Rome, mosaics were highly graphic and developed as art, depicting various scenes of life and religious stories. By the Byzantine period, the art of mosaic prevailed to an unprecedented degree, and many magnificent churches of this period were decorated with mosaics. Today's ceramic mosaic is still highly malleable and has the strong expressive power to impress.

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  • The use of ceramic mosaic for swimming pools

  • Selection of ceramic mosaic for swimming pools

The use of ceramic mosaic for swimming pools

With the development of the times, the figure of ceramic mosaic in life is increasingly common, in many places of decoration and design can see its figure. Its use is very wide, and now the new ceramic mosaic is widely used in swimming pools, hotels, high-level decoration, and ground decoration, it’s more able to show the luxury of the building. Due to the rich color performance of mosaics, a single element is small and exquisite and can be spelled out in a very different style of pattern to achieve a notable visual effect. Therefore, ceramic mosaic is also suitable for the decoration of fountains, swimming pools, bars, ballrooms, stadiums, and parks. 

Mosaic types and materials are used in a variety of, however, in the pool decoration, more use of ceramic mosaic, because the pool more attention to safety issues, so the use of mosaic tiles is also very important. At the same time, due to the excellent anti-slip properties, also commonly used in family bathrooms, baths, balconies, restaurants, and living room floor decoration, here especially noted is used for large public event venues ceramic mosaic, more shows the artistic charm of mosaic, become the most avant-garde decorative art.

pool mosaic

Selection of ceramic mosaic for swimming pools

Part of the market swimming pools, such as hot tubs, soaking pools, and landscape pools using pool mosaic, swimming pool tiles ceramic mosaic is generally divided into glass mosaic and ceramic mosaic. These two materials account for more than ninety percent of the share of mosaics. In the market, the pool with materials, ceramic mosaic is more recognized by the market. First of all, the glass mosaic's hardness is sufficient, but its flexibility is not enough, so in the use of the process is often easier to break, once broken at the bottom of the pool is easy to cut feet, so the glass mosaic may not be suitable for swimming pools. 

However, ceramic mosaic is sintered at a high temperature of 1200 degrees, it is a very high degree of porcelain, hardness is also very good, it will have a layer of crystalline glaze on the surface, to increase its flexibility, so from the safety performance, ceramic mosaic is better. In addition, ceramic mosaics have a very special pattern design on the back, when tiling can increase the bonding with tile adhesive, tiling is not easy to fall off, while the back of the glass mosaic is relatively flat, tiling when the bonding is not good ceramic mosaic. Further, from the water absorption rate of ceramic mosaic high density, the water absorption rate will be lower. The last point, stability, is the physical and chemical properties of ceramic mosaic, thermal stability will be more suitable for similar spa pools because it is more adaptable to thermal expansion and contraction in this regard. So ceramic mosaic is more suitable for the decoration of swimming pools.

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