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What is the Colorful Mosaic Tiles?

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From the article "The Civilization History of Mosaics", we know the long history of mosaic civilization. Its art of paintings have left many famous works. The colors and types of mosaic tiles are diverse, and the technology is complex. Now let us explore the colorful mosaic tiles together from Ralart Mosaic.


1. Diverse mosaic tiles

Mosaic is a pattern made of many small tiles, with different specifications and sizes, ranging from 1mm to 12mm in thickness. There are many designs for the mosaics, such as squares, triangles, circles, rhombus and other irregular shapes.

The appearance includes flat design, curved surface, straight edge and other designs.

The colors cover black and white, and there are tens of thousands of colors to choose from. With different techniques, the glass mosaic tile will present a different kind of grace and elegance under different effects. For example, under the irradiation of ultraviolet rays or fluorescent lamps, it can also create a romantic atmosphere.


It’s quite wrong that you only use one type of mosaic tiles for collage. In addition to natural and single ceramic mosaic tiles, there are also gorgeous glass mosaic tiles, wood mosaic tiles, stone mosaics, stainless steel mosaic and marble mosaic tiles. The designer has countless ways of combinations to match the style of the houses.

If you want ecological mosaic tiles, you can choose recycled glass mosaic tiles, which have the effect of adsorbing harmful substances and adjusting air humidity. It should be noted that the installation method and application range are relatively limited. If a non-cement adhesive must be used during construction, it cannot be used in the bathroom to avoid reducing the performance of the product.


2. Wide application range of mosaic tiles

Mosaic tiles can be applied to walls, floors, swimming pool, bathroom, kitchen or can also be used to decorate furniture and make mosaic art mural.

Precautions for mosaic tile application: Mosaics are colorful, but we need to apply mosaic tiles in suitable places according to the characteristics of different mosaic tiles. DONT apply glass mosaic tiles (like swimming pool mosaics) to the ground, because glass mosaic tiles have sharp edges. If they are installed improperly or broken, people are easy to hurt; and their surface is easy to scratch, and the decorative effect will be greatly reduced. Ceramic mosaic tiles that made of non-glass materials are easy to absorb water, crack or catch dust in damp places, so when applied in damp places, protective paint should be sprayed as much as possible.


3. how to choose mosaic tiles

There are many types of mosaic tiles, and it is a problem how to choose high-quality mosaic tiles. There are several ways to check the quality of mosaic tiles:

1. Listen to the sound: knock the product, the sound is clear and flawless. If there are other sounds, such as dull, rough, harsh, etc., they are all inferior products.

2. Look at the line: the line is straight and even, which is excellent. Uneven lines are bad.

3. Dehydration check: Put the mosaic tiles in water to soak, and spread a layer of paper on the surface. If the paper can be peeled off smoothly after 40 minutes, it is excellent.

4. how to maintain mosaic tiles

The cleaning method of mosaic tiles is relatively simple. In addition to wiping with clean water, it can also be cleaned with decontamination powder, washing powder or toilet cleaner, even if it is heavily dirty. Since most of them are glass products, if they are laid on the ground, try to avoid pressure from heavy objects.


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