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Turquoise Swimming Pool Tiles Ice Crack Design

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Pattern: Any technology/Any design/Any shape can be used dot mouted
Color: No Limited
Size: All size can be customized
ODM/OEM: Acceptable
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Short Introduction of Dot Mounting Turquoise Swimming Pool Tiles Ice Crack Design

Looking for a stylish and unique way to upgrade your swimming pool? Look no further than our 48x48mm Turquoise Swimming Pool Tiles with Ice Crack Design! These tiles are not only visually stunning, but also highly durable and slip-resistant, making them the perfect choice for any pool area. Don't miss out on this amazing promotion and give your pool the upgrade it deserves!

The advantages of 48x48mm Turquoise Swimming Pool Tiles with Ice Crack Design are:

1. Aesthetically pleasing: The turquoise color with ice crack design adds a unique and stylish look to the swimming pool, making it visually appealing.

2. Slip-resistant: The texture of the tiles ensures that they are slip-resistant, providing a safer environment for swimmers.

3. Durable: These tiles are made of high-quality materials, which makes them durable and long-lasting, even in harsh weather conditions.

4. Low maintenance: The tiles are easy to clean and require minimal maintenance, saving time and effort in pool maintenance.

5. Resistant to chemicals: The tiles are resistant to chemicals commonly used in swimming pools, ensuring that they remain intact and do not lose their color over time.

6. Versatile: The tiles can be used in various areas of the swimming pool, including the pool floor, walls, and steps, providing a consistent look throughout the pool.

Sample is available before ordering, you can contact us right here.

Product Details


No Limitation

Chip size

23x23mm/ 23x48mm/ 48x48mm/ 98x98mm



Grout Joints



On Mesh / On Paper/ Dot-mounted

We can apply dot-mounting on different sizes and materials with no limitation

Canary 006--Canary 006Canary 006-Canary 006---

RALART MOSAIC was founded in early 2012 and has been deeply engaged in the mosaic industry for more than ten years. We have been committed to providing the clients worldwide with exquisite products, excelsior technology and excellent services, and have won the favor of many countries in the world. Our main markets include the United States, European Countries, Australia, South Africa, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, India, Pakistan, South Korea, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Brazil, Argentina and the Dominican Republic etc.

We have an excellent and powerful sales, design and world-class pre-sale and after-sales service team, which can provide professional and reliable customized services according to different needs of the market, and create exquisite artistic mosaics, which are applicable to various indoor or outdoor scenes with decorative characteristics. At the same time, we have made in-depth research on swimming pool mosaic, therefore our products are more ingenious, providing a strong product guarantee for various high-end hotels and luxury residential projects. Mosaic tile has the advantages of no radiation, high temperature resistance, high stability and strong plasticity. It is also a safe and environmentally friendly art decoration material that can be widely used.

With the awe of art, in order to serve more markets around the world, with strong creativity and professionalism, we will persevere on the road of professional innovation of Mosaic! We are fully prepared to be your most reliable and professional partner at any time to create brilliance together in the field of building materials!

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